The Story Behind the Name

From an article about Zac & Sean, the founders of Shit Art Club, on DoLA:


"You may be wondering where the name Shafranski Art Foundation comes from. Well, here's the Mrs. Shafranski story:


Mrs. Shafranski was our first high school art teacher and the class where we met. We did not know it at the time, but her kind and genuine soul would directly shape our lives and career paths. She created a care-free, unbiased, and empowering environment that changed the way students thought. Her class shaped the foundation of our vision of arts education and this is the very climate we are striving to recreate. Years later we opened an art gallery and studio in downtown Los Angeles. Reflecting on our past, we realized the importance she had, not just on our careers, but also on our approach to life. It did not take much thought to realize that our arts-focused charity needed to be named in her honor. Mrs. Shafranski’s approach to teaching was based on open-heartedness, inclusivity, passion and creativity. We cherish these values and our aim is to pass them along to the youth of today.

SAF believes art and arts education positively impacts the trajectory of all lives — especially the youth. We envision a planet where creative expression is encouraged, accessible to our youth, and attainable as a career. Our plan of action is to launch four programs that promote and protect creative education and practice. The goal of these programs is to take a holistic and cyclical approach aimed at facilitating creative thinking throughout the entire lifecycle of an artist. You can read more about our plans and each program here:"

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